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Track Name: fogtown @lanti$
the names dope piece - comin straight oudda da gutta called @lanti$ fogtown homie i aint like no other - im rather unique- i gotta family to carry on my shoulders te$laz boy boy we finna run it- gotta saucy mouthpiece - city boy -cid trippin in da hippy van- witta pocketfula phillies n some rubbers-aint here for trophies- this my passion- everybody axin for money already n ive yet to make the butter- well fuck em mayne- see what its gone be like-when i dip my head in the real light- start gettin my hands on the papes-name causin the vapes -actin like we real tight- like we used to steal, fight, rhyme and split the meal type , think cuz u heard me on a track that u know my ass in real life? havin a dmt rush- deep in the cut-keepin the funk -whutt-spreadin peace n the love 'creasin the blunt n seein wassup-whut - inna city of scrubs and middle age chumps who thinkin they run shitt- i aint givin a fuck- im livin it up- i do what i want bitch-

fogtown @lantiS baby where u at? we off da map

erase the hate envy and jealousy - turn cell memory into melodies-was 17-in cells from felonies- influenced by everything- sense of entity on it's last drop so i'd fill it up wit henny or promethazine - had me creepin in like a centipede not to mention the-93 quest-blessed 2 be- fresh on E- remembering da werdz my O.G was tellin me- bout enemiez -who HIT-LA & adolf his plate like they led regime- they say thou shall not kill-but i keep murderin those who spit- im legit like the jordan 4's wit the rips in it- droppin the jewelz- inhalin the fuel- eh- jus let me enter my source field for a minute-i be dat hippy who trippin on acid-kickin it in da ac flickin my ashes-swervin n hittin the curbz while i pass ya -beard in tact don't fuck wit moustaches - up in @lanti$ -b-boy stancin- ounce of piff u kno im zig zaggin -high- prolly da reason why- i spit like this but conversate wit an accent huh
Track Name: how ya livin' ft. bluntheadfred
check me out yall - werd life -yo how ya livin son X2

it's time to get mine and imma shine no doubt-still twissin up skunk wit da cottonmouth- pass it round spark it up for the livest one-still lickin on blunts till it hurts my tongue- cough a lung- fogtowns where da the fuck im from- i aint wit dem bad vibes im jus tryna have fun- no gunz never on the run all about my funds get my feet blessed wit dem retro 3's fuck #1's- how ya livin- it's like this and like dat- me and dope piece and we rollin up da backwood so fat it could leave u on ur back-fakin no jax got no strings attached- my pop passed so im rollin wit an angel im grateful-look in da sky n see his halo - n they kno-im jus out here chasin peso- n u a fool if u think ur girl faithful

how ya livin -how ya livin today - yo how ya livin son- will tomorow be the same? yo x4

dope piece
peep the scene check the spot and the time on the watch - twiss the green in the blunt -tuck my jeans in my sox -incase police wanna stop me or g'z wanna front- i post up on the stoop then take a steem of da skunk - view the bigger picture-but it remainz the same ol same i fear no man i feel no pain- in my b-boy stance -socks sandals sweatapants-elevate to another level i can't see no lames- hop in mpv throw it in drive- scoop the misses so i feel the energy by my side- bump some basement biggie deep thru the styx where we ride- all i got in this life is criminal ties, positive vibes and piece signz righttt, crate diggaz - drink like we got 8 livers, take swigz of ray liqour-conversate on ways to make figure4-chew lobsters wit my j's kickin-finish it off with an oo-op -who tryna tell me dAt i aint livin?
Track Name: mean dream
cream fiend with a mean a dream

bump-bump-bump-bump in my big black chucks
creepin thru fogtown doin whatta want
smokin my herb - no bammer no bunk
im jus a chill kid no hammers i can't front-like-
whut- u think my style ain't shabby enuff?
bitch my rhymes fat like jabba the hut
i'll damage n snuff - any beat. grab the mic- talk about sumthin different then stabbin u up-like-
boy boy- we get er get er dun
coolin witta cool brew, smokin on da skunk un
bibbidi d-oo-op- u kno we havin fun-fun
ganja twissin bumpin str8 trippin son
trill shit- we up on the mic speakin realness
haters can't feel this shit but im still sick
say im whack well ya lyin man
this rude boy go retarded like i am sam
Track Name: maintain ft. mak11
maintain x8

dope piece
maintain- never change lanes\mouthpiece fulla smoke -
pants wit da tang stains -woke up - re -up'd
reup'd in da same day- werd 2 ODB shame on the one who tryna run game
gets my dick licked all over but i ain't hittin licks
then i dip to the store to cop me some phillie sticks
then i sit on the motor when i creep thru da styx
when i was dead sober mane i couldn't picture this
i got- 50 g's of weed- feathers green like a clover
only got 1 ride- da MPV wit da stoners
+ i got my whole team on my shoulders
n they been werkin out so it's hard for me not to lean over
:) for them cameraz
socks and sandalz on
b-boy stancin- elevating off the ground im standin on
astral livin- acid trippin-passin phillies-tang we sippin- magnificent mad sufficient - hittin skinz wit stamina-
gimme dat gimme dat
gin 2 the liver later
smoke 2 my skull
food in the refrigerator
pull moves under full moons to produce the paper
bringin the brand new flavor wit my bredgrens in the layer- o yayer

i be broke then a mofucka- but a keeps a fridge fulla food
n i smoke like a mofucka- pluss i got the tanqueray wit da juice
fuck like a mofucka- got a lady over here accin rude
so if u aint kno wassup wit these mofuckas- then u can get the fuck up out the room

Track Name: piecesigns(nuff'respect)
another one of those thangzz

take a look out the window
see the crooks and the g'z
the pushers and fiends
s.u.v's leaving hookers on streets
so i direct my attention to a book i can read
or an empty sheet of loosleaf that i can fill up with ink
while city boys fillin ar-15's up wit l-e-a-d
leave u r.i.p to catch wreck for his team
catch cases in different places, stealin base and bass amps oudda homes
instead of catchin in outfield stealin bases and homeplate for his team
i mean- im jussa trippy hooligan
white cracker lanky albino lookin never accin like a fool droolin for moola duelin wit superman
persure future plans , power moves under full moons in my newest stance
smoke a dime while my tanqueray digest
find a place my 3rd eye can hide in
some colour as trident , but i'm still ballin
i was elevating but now the 3rd dimension where i been falling
push m.p.v thru the foggy street
where the crimey grimey skeets grind and hoodrats always tryna freak
my fasique- on a level competition dyin to reach
and these jordan # 4's keep me on my feet
but i believe i cannot seek- materials to fill spiritual needs
and tears won't heal any pain that my soul may recieve
no money clip
no rubbin dick
no gummies no money tryna see no broke funny shit
only get poonani if ur crotch and pockets stuck on thick
then she'll want ya to poo on her like b.i.g's skit in life after death yes-yes
chickity chickity check- i learned my game from the best
make music to caress the soul inside my chest -whip matchin the threads

nuff respect to the fogtown crew- nuff respect to him her and you
positive vibes & piece signz

crackin packin and passin phillies
stackin billies
u wit a slack committee we rollin deep in gritty in the back of the city
street lights and moonlight fight for attention thru the fog
surveillance cameras capture transactions preformed - thats a newbie job
drug busts in the cellar
tryna locate packages transported by propellers
jump out back windows wit da fellaz
stomp in timboots smoke endo essence essential to maintain the mellow
my credentials and fundamentals my incentive to gain cents(sense) in my bank and melon
peelin grape backwoods- fill it wit grade A and feelin great
that guud - stealin weight n peelin way
respect that jux- how we leave em straight no d.o.a
aint livin off evil jus dem illegal ways
kinda gay the way we leave em ass out
enter our area, sippin tanqueray till i pass out
ear pressed to the phone, makin moves in our glass house
seen your crew do the opposite of stand out
now its understood whatchu mad bout

i be dat fogtown hooligan- dope piece da rula man
threw me in a pool of gin- trippin off hallucinogens
life's a game u lose we in
J collection numerous
but refuse to consume jus to illuminate
never abuse the human brain
by fillin it up wit foolish thangz
we are the new age crusades
comin to reboot the game
i burned my loot
paid my dues and let em keep the change
let the evils turn away- while we burn the sage - eh
sittin low in this cadillac passenger seat
hungry - might eat these oreos right offa my feet
dummies- keep axin for collabs and a beat
but somethin keep on tellin me they pockets ran oudda cream-funny
smoked out- loc'd out
status is asperatus
prophets countin prophet till pockets can't even get no fatter
ya see we murder mc's everyday
l.s.d inside my veins
after 16 shots of tango, i was feelin it from my toes in my sandlas
to my pineal in my kangol
after 16 shots of tango
i was strippin off the hootchies materials- she was wearin and throw her legs on top of the panel
Track Name: do what you want ft. mazeymenace
do whatchu wana do
break em off summin
gotta get mine respective

dope piece
it's like this n like dat n like this and un
the mini bic lit the phillie stick in my lips n un
breathe- before i flip like an apple
my moms still call me and my cuz her lil rascalz
AUM symbol on me like a muslim
remy martin bottles gettin guzzled
scuffle wit busters flustering customers got me cussin
cracker on a higher calliber boozed up like frank gallager
never smoked a blunt from el savador
i rub the buddah head- before i leave the crib
just a trippy hooligan-who will inherit endless ends
don't wanna get up and run like forest gump at all
rather chill in the cut lick blunts till my toungue fall off
exersise my mental
and fundamentals
substance n advancements happen when u keep luv- no snub at da pencil
i blow dat sess out son
got oo ops fulla dat o shit u got tourette's when u let that breathe out


i stay real no lie
i aint like these sly mother fuckas that switch sides and ran by
i been cold on the inside since by dad died right infrront of my eyes leavin me traumatized
fuck god i'm still tryin to keep the faith
devil got a hold of me and i cant seem to break away
u got an ego mane watch how much i take away
rock u in your face watch u dwayne wade fade away
hoes luvin how i flow on the track, give dap to the fact that im dope n u wack luh
i aint a g been it rare that im ever shook
u been a puss since u crawled out yo mommas bush
im supposed to be blown like when i gat pop
white boy rippin goin harder then some crack rock
fuckin dummy what more u want from me
if this rap don't work ill stack dope boy money- let get it
Track Name: lickity split
i be rollin up my phillies like likity split
only chillin wit my homies i got history wit x2

this gringo stylin doh
without designer clothes
tryna go to golden roads
with some hoes to motor boat
had chucks in the todem poll
now retro's in da only soul
besides da emotion released when me and my homies flow
ya hunny walk in undun wit nuttin but her panties on
like a movie on da big screen when i see it
now im cummin on he tummy-the destination im landin on
she squirtin in the sheets n she still screamin
to sum it all up buddy u dummies aint on the tip we on
cuz if u was u would be seein the dreams im seein
homie- money talks -bullshit runs marathons
so see ya n i wouldn't wanna be ya
the position that im in got me smokin all the crop
got me up a 5 o'clock outchea tryna clock the guap
witta misses in my bed the whole city dyna fuck
wanna tryna but aint gunna cuz im da only one she want , i be
Track Name: always ft. yungwise
dope piece

as i scroll down the curb no werds stroll out my oral
not concerned as i swerve past the merge but im nervous
cuz im on my way to the church pew, palm fulla floral
this the first time i seen a homie hearse'd - i hug his momma- i know
life throws you obstacles but this a hell of a hurdle
only 18 years old- still had so much longer to go and
i-i- to young to have control of my emotions
i cr-cr-cried - swear i could've drowned an ocean
thinkin of the times we spent, runnin the streets as little kids
no matter how much i get bent off tanqueray and phillie sticks
still feel like i remember every little thing we did from skateboardin n wheelie tricks
now i jus sip to reminisce - bout ballin in the park
dark nights- city lights
or prank callin the narcs
or your pops oudda spite
before u packed up, moved, got introduced to- XXXXX
never knew that should would ever put a stop-to you life
im wishin-we'd switch positions-or atleast could kick it-blaze a doobie n hold that shit in the sky
one more time, cuz i miss ya, i-i-i miss ya
it's alwayz the guud ones that have to die


third eye beemin
luv all im seein
1 chain-1god-1gun i believe in
up inside my mind and he doin mad heelin
stuck up on da grind given knowledge to receive it
we in and outchea thru these lanes we be peelin
look up in the sky
thought i seen my man i know i feel em
in my breathe keeo my fuckin chest beatin
no sleep for the weak comin on the creep-gotta be eatin
im on my r.i.p shit- matty b shit
wishin u were here but i know u aint gone
all part my source field keep force field gleemin
everywhere around me- still puttin me on
everday we keep on skeemin
glock 19- got the gold n cream and we mink rug deamin
got da pussy steemin up
window seats flyin up
sun rays beemin-hop on the plane high as a fuck
hop up on the track n we bout to get buck- kno how ur man rap he be on some fly stuff-
livin too fast aint no catchin up
why is it always the guud ones that have to die younng